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4 November 2022 Blog

Gum disease - or periodontitis - is the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s also   one of the most prevalent diseases with an estimated 50% of the Scottish adult population showing at least some signs of it. So what can you do to prevent it and improve your gum health? First of all, prevention is better than cure!


4 October 2022 Blog

Anxiety is something that everyone feels at times but for the most part people manage to work through it. Dental anxiety on the other hand is something that is not so easily overcome. It can often prevent people from seeking out even the most basic dental care, until they have a problem - usually with excruciating pain - when they feel forced into attending the dental surgery as an emergency. It’s therefore worth thinking about the two main causes and, moreover, what you, the patient, and ourselves as dental practitioners can do to make your dental journey stress and pain free!


14 April 2022 Blog

Most people love to smile! But …. does your smile bother you? Is discolouration of your teeth discouraging you from smiling? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people look to whitening their teeth to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence! Being a busy mum, self-care can often be at the bottom of our ever growing to do list! We need quick and easy solutions. One thing that helps us feel a bit better – is a white smile!

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