What can we offer you?


We offer a range of treatments from routine examinations and fillings to whitening and cosmetic smile makeovers – your dentist will be happy to give you all the available information and discuss options to suit your individual needs.

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Your dentist will carry out an inspection of the tissues of your head and neck, jaw joints, mouth, teeth, and gums.

Sensitivity, decay and gum disease can all be stopped in their tracks through simple oral hygiene measures.

Radiographs (or X-rays) are a safe and highly effective aid to help us spot any potential problems in their early stages.

When teeth are decayed or broken, the first line treatment of choice is usually a filling.

This involves removing the damaged pulp and then placing a special type of filling into this space.

When teeth are damaged beyond repair they are usually removed from the mouth to prevent pain or infection.

We are proud to offer a number of cosmetic treatments designed to improve any aspect of your smile.

A treatment to straighten teeth in small stages using a series of invisible braces that are changed every two weeks.

Intraoral scanning technology used to create your dental appliances, along with crowns, bridges and implants.

A very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface.

Dental Implants are artificial structures that can be extremely effective in replacing a lost tooth.

Cosmetic treatments that enhance your natural beauty and highlight your facial features.

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